To build strong, effective organizations and catalyze their work together for multi-organizational solutions, we offer services in:

To see a full list of the projects we’ve completed using these services, click here. If you’re looking for something more specific, check out our facilitation projects, or projects in meeting process design, our capacity building projects, our graphic recording, or our evaluation projects.


We have a knack for helping people engage in and contribute to important conversations. We nurture the diverse views that yield important insights. As impartial facilitators, we focus on meeting process so you don’t have to – instead freeing you to participate fully. We design and lead meetings that tap into the collective wisdom in the room, and use time wisely to focus on what matters. Our meetings reduce squabbling and minimize tangents while inspiring commitment for implementation. For small groups, we also add a visual dimension by “graphically facilitating” during key segments of your session.

In short, we strive for meetings where you can honestly say it was the best meeting you’ve been to for some time, or maybe even ever! You’re raring to go to the next time, because the magic of the collective has emerged and has created outcomes that people support and are eager to implement. Indeed afterwards, you’ll want to have a “process” person taking care of meeting details and group dynamics from now.

envision plans and leads meetings and events such as:

  • Benchmarking/organizational assessment
  • Collaboration in cross-functional teams
  • Management assessments and audits
  • Mentoring/Peer learning
  • Mergers and transitions
  • Organizational structure/design and governance
  • Scenario planning
  • Staff and board meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building, including True Colours Personality Strength Inventory
  • Workshops and retreats

We use diverse processes to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Whether it is “open space,” a “conversation or world café,” “appreciative inquiry,” “future search,” “visualization at the wall,” “round robin facilitation” or more standard plenary coupled with small group work, we tailor the process to your particular situation. For other techniques we might use, see the methods database of the International Association of Facilitators.

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We are jazzed to amplify the effectiveness of your meetings and events with visuals. With some estimates that two-thirds of us think in pictures, we create colorful, compelling murals of your conversation, key note speeches and more – live time, as the session unfolds.

envision creates murals to:

  • Flesh out scenarios and plan for the future
  • Map chronologies and/or locations
  • Identify connections
  • Show hierarchy and relationships

Through large scale murals or small scale sketch notes, we take visual notes of key points and essential messages during your event to put everyone on the same page. By putting the problem on the paper, and including all voices, the murals foster learning by reinforcing auditory messages with visuals, and facilitate seeing previously unidentified connections and systems linkages.

In addition, we can create in studio templates that you then complete during a meeting and visuals for animation, and offer training on visual thinking and graphic recording.

We find that graphic recording is especially effective for:

  • Conference plenary presentations, keynote speeches and break-out sessions
  • Inter-organizational and cross-jurisdictional meetings
  • Retreats
  • Staff meetings
  • Strategic planning
  • Training seminars
  • Workshops

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All great meetings involve thorough preparation. Even if we don’t facilitate your gathering, we can support you in how the meeting is structured. We have a flair for the behind-the-scenes work of putting together meeting processes and techniques that tap the collective intelligence in the room so you achieve your desired outcomes. As a coach or facilitator, we can work with you before a single meeting or between multiple ones.

Usually completed in the form of desk work or telephone calls, we can:

  • Interview participants to investigate what your meeting should accomplish and identify any red flags that you want to plan for
  • Create a customized agenda or detailed meeting process with interactive techniques that allow you to achieve your outcomes
  • Help you choose participants/ parties/ organizations who should attend
  • Prepare handouts, slides, and/or leader materials to use during your meeting
  • Review this material with the person who will facilitate your meeting
  • Create a large scale graphic template (mural size) for you to complete during your session.

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We’re curious folk at envision and we want to know how or whether the effort we put into programs, events and initiatives is paying off. From regular debriefs and informal feedback to more comprehensive developmental, formative or summative evaluation, taking stock of how things are going is just good practice. envision uses the tools of social science to obtain information to improve what you’re working on. From helping you conceptualize an evaluation to collecting information to working with the results, we help you learn what’s working well and understand areas that might be improved upon.

envision teams with you to:

  • Craft the study – what questions do you want to answer; how will you collect information
  • Assess and review your organizational functioning
  • Design questionnaires
  • Develop interview questions and protocols
  • Craft focus group questions
  • Analyze data using appropriate statistics
  • Conduct socio-economic analysis
  • Facilitate focus groups
  • Visualize patterns in the data (data visualization)
  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Analyze organizational structures
  • Lead workshops where you can grapple with the meaning of the results
  • Visually capture the results from the evaluation

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As live long learners ourselves, envision gets the value of continually expanding our knowledge and polishing our skills, whether it’s a refresher or deep dive into a new topic. We want to build your organization’s capacity so it is better equipped to work with similar situations in the future.

We teach what we know and practice in our business: organizational effectiveness and multi-organizational solutions; and we set the atmosphere to catalyze participants’ brilliance.

We prepare customized curricular content based on your needs, including handouts and/or workbooks. We then instruct participants on relevant principles, concepts and theory coupling that with participatory, experiential exercises that allow time for participants to reflect and to apply new knowledge. Like many standard trainings, we’ll use listening or auditory modes to learn. Plus we’ll have exercises that use our natural tendencies to think in pictures, and we’ll have you moving around to tap into kinesthetic modes of learning as well. Most importantly – we’ll laugh while we learn.

We deliver the training in various ways — from traditional “classroom based” learning to in-the-field sessions to small group and one-on-one coaching. If you’re delivering the training instead of us, we’d be pleased to live time graphically record that session, leaving you with a rich, eye-catching mural that summarizes key concepts and allows everyone to view those ideas to reinforce their learning.

We’re particularly excited to build your ability to collaborate and manage conflict, to work collectively, to improve your teams (often using, “True Colours”), and to increase your organization’s optimal operation (using Jim Collins’ Good to Great framework, among others). Additional seminars can be designed to meet your unique needs.

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Training Seminar List
Multi-organizational solutions

  • Planning and implementing public involvement/community engagement
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict management/negotiation
  • Collaboration and collective impact
  • Socio-economic impact assessment
  • Program evaluation

Organizational effectiveness

  • Train-the-trainer
  • Strategic planning
  • Team building and group dynamics
  • Training needs assessments
  • Creating and administering focus groups, questionnaires or interviews
  • Good to Great organizational improvement
  • True Colours Personality Strengths Inventory
  • Mergers
  • Organizational life cycle evolution


  • Visual thinking: Getting beyond pretty pictures
  • Meeting effectiveness and agenda planning
  • Technical and business writing
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Audience analysis
  • Conflict assessment
  • Stakeholder mapping

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