Thriving Organizations

A great deal of environmental activity occurs in, around and between organizations. Consider not-for-profit organizations advocating for better solutions. Or private companies working to reduce their environmental footprints. Or governments developing and implementing policy. envision helps strengthen these organizations so they reach their environmental aims. We also help them work well with other organizations to achieve even greater impact.

We identify and address obstacles to top performance and apply proven methods to overcome them.

Tools we use

envision uses the tools and techniques of facilitation, graphic recording, evaluation and capacity building to help you reach your organizational goals.


Great organizations focus on an inspiring vision supported by dedicated leadership; engaged, skilled staff; and highly functional teams. The organizational structure supports getting the work done and allows communications across silos. As natural systems thinkers, envision is eager to help you along that continuous journey.

Diverse sessions to support you

envision builds strong organizations with sessions like:

  • Strategic Planning workshops that hone your organizational focus and set direction for maximum impact. At the end you have a clear strategic vision and action plan. Click here for what to plan for and when. Click here for strategic planning options.
  • Building Partnerships both within your organization and with other organizations to expand your reach and reduce duplication.
  • Team Building and Collaboration sessions, including True Colours Personality Strength Inventory to help you achieve superior team performance. We clarify team mandates and roles, work through impasses, while enabling you to see beyond organizational silos and foster systems thinking.
  • Benchmarking and Organizational Assessment sessions to enable you to identify organizational strengths and challenges.
  • Capacity Building sessions to build your knowledge and skills, and to learn from your peers.

We lead meetings both at your office and at off-site at retreat centres (our favourite) and other interesting locations. These gatherings enable you to reflect and recharge, as well as increase your knowledge and/or work on a complex challenge with others.

For a list of our projects promoting effective organizations, click here.

Free Handout

Click here for a downloadable handout on elements to investigate in assessing your organization’s effectiveness. For more information: or 458-205-0726.