Strong, Effective Organizations

Great organizations focus on an inspiring vision supported by dedicated leadership; engaged, skilled staff; and highly functional teams. The organizational structure supports getting the work done and allows communications across silos. As natural systems thinkers, envision is eager to help you along that continuous journey. We identify and address obstacles to top performance and apply proven methods to overcome them.  

We especially work with non-profit organizations, governments and private companies which are oriented towards a healthy, equitable, sustainable world.

Our services page describes the tools and techniques of facilitation, meeting design, graphic recording, capacity building and evaluation we use to help you reach these goals.


Our Strategic Planning workshops and retreats are designed to hone your organizational focus and set direction for maximum impact. This process results in a clear strategic vision and action plan.

envision helps facilitate your connection with collaborative partners. We show you how you can form Partnerships within your organization as well as with other complementary organizations in order to foster future support and reduce duplication.

We need an all hands-on-deck for today’s challenges. envision uses True Colours Personality Strength Inventory as well as other customized processes in our Team Building and Collaboration sessions that enable you to clarify team mandates and roles, work past impasses, see beyond organizational silos and foster systems thinking – all with the aim of superior team performance.

envision enables you to identify strengths and challenges of your organization by leading sessions through Benchmarking exercises or an Organizational Assessment process.

We lead meetings both at your office and at off-site at retreat centres (our favourite) and other interesting locations. These types of gatherings provide opportunities to reflect and recharge, while simultaneously increasing your knowledge and/or solving a complex challenge with many others.

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