Welcome to envision SYNERGY!

At envision SYNERGY we help you work with others — from different silos and sectors and with complementary expertise — for bigger and broader environmental and allied solutions.

Because the complex challenges span jurisdictional boundaries, cross sectoral lines, and require diverse skill sets, working together is the way forward. envision supports you in creating collaborative, innovative, durable solutions that foster systems thinking and bridge organizational boundaries so that ecosystems flourish and communities thrive.

Along the way, we build strong organizations that can both effectively carry out their environmental work and are well-positioned for working collaboratively on these issues.

envision offers four main tools to amplify your efforts in service of a healthy planet. We:

  1. Design and facilitate top-notch meetings where we work on environmental solutions.
  2. Take large scale visual notes so we’re all on the same page (called “graphic recording”).
  3. Evaluate how programs and initiatives are doing.
  4. Teach and coach on what we practice so you enhance your learning: how to work collaboratively and collectively and how to build strong, successful organizations.
Our work focuses environmental and related challenges, and we have worked on projects such as clean water, sustainably managed forests, and climate change.
Since 2001 we have provided on-site and remote services primarily to not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and companies working towards environmental outcomes. Based in Toronto Ontario and Eugene Oregon, envision offers services across Canada, the United States and occasionally elsewhere.

Our Process