The Company

Welcome to ENVision...synergy! We are a small, dynamic consulting firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Charlotte Young, Ph.D., we have operated since 2001.

We work with the "people" side of environmental and natural resource issues. We help you work with others so that:

Symbiotic Environmental Solutions

Effective environmental and natural resource solutions involve integrating differing and often conflicting jurisdictional requirements. These solutions require expertise from widely varying professions.

We help you solve environmental problems and make better decisions through collaboration. By involving all stakeholders, the collaborative process results in creative, durable and widely-supported solutions.

Our Services

We help you solve environmental and natural resource problems and make informed decisions using:

We work binationally (Canada and the USA) for government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

Flexible, Focussed Teams

We assemble custom teams whose collective expertise matches the requirements of your project.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope to have the opportunity to do business with you soon.