Multi-Organizational Solutions

Complex challenges, such as those in health, environment, and sustainability, can rarely be solved with one individual or a single organization. The heart of our business is facilitating meetings so that you and your colleagues shine as you work together on multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral problems that promote systems change. Usually working with you during multiple meetings that build on each other, envision does its best work getting into the nitty-gritty of constructing solutions with you in the early stages of problem solving — before decisions are made.


As experienced collaboration and facilitation whizzes, we partner with you to create the space where both supporters and adversaries come together across organizational units and beyond to craft solutions — collaboratively, collectively, cooperatively. We design and lead events at the local, regional and national level that develop, support and evaluate policies, regulations, strategies and standards while avoiding unnecessary costs associated with duplicated effort.

We are especially passionate to lead meetings with you that:

  • Uncover underlying concerns and interests;
  • Promote common understanding among parties;
  • Coordinate and harmonize, often times conflicting requirements, across jurisdictions and agencies
  • Produce joint strategies and action plans
  • Develop collective theories of change
  • Build coalitions and partners
  • Increase your capacity to work collaboratively while simultaneously addressing an issue
  • Foster collective and creative, broadly-supported, robust solutions, and more.

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