Collaborative Solutions

Complex challenges, such as those in health, environment, and sustainability, can rarely be solved with one individual or organization. envision catalyzes collaboration across boundaries to further positive environmental and related systems change. We work with different silos, organizations, jurisdictions, sectors, and academic backgrounds so you can see the full situation and your role in it.

Our role is to help you sort through competing priorities and ensure productive group dynamics. This results in solutions that reflect everyone’s collective brilliance, while avoiding duplicated effort.

Click here for an overview of our signature program, ENVISION SYNERGY, environmental vision together.



As experienced collaboration and facilitation whizzes, we partner with you to create the space where both supporters and adversaries come together across organizational units and beyond to craft solutions — collaboratively, collectively, cooperatively. envision designs and leads events at the local, regional and national level.  All in the name of developing, supporting and evaluating policies, regulations, strategies and standards for environmental solutions.

We lead meetings that:

  • Uncover underlying concerns and interests
  • Promote common understanding among participants
  • Coordinate and harmonize, often times conflicting requirements, across jurisdictions and agencies
  • Produce joint strategies and action plans
  • Develop collective theories of change
  • Build coalitions and partners
  • Increase your capacity to work collaboratively while simultaneously addressing an issue
  • Foster collective and creative, broadly-supported, robust solutions, and more.

Through the collaboration or partnering cycle, there are four places where collaborative efforts typically benefit from additional support. See below for how we can work with you in each phase:

  1. Getting started
  2. Moving past stuck
  3. Continuing the momentum
  4. Taking stock and reflecting

For a list of our projects catalyzing multi-organizational collaborative solutions, click here.

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